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Leaky Pixels

Horizon Aloy Perler Necklace

Horizon Aloy Perler Necklace

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🏹Aloy Zero Dawn/Forbidden West Perler Necklace🏹

Perler Length: 11"
Perler Width: 9.5"
Perler Necklace Length: 20"

🏹Introducing the Aloy Perler Necklace for those who appreciate gaming glam and want to level up their style! Crafted with pixel-perfect precision, this necklace brings the fearless huntress Aloy to life in vibrant beads. It's not just an accessory; it's a statement that says, "I slay both monsters and fashion trends!"

🏹Wear it proudly and embark on your own epic journey – whether you're facing robot dinosaurs or navigating a crowded city. This necklace is like a fast-travel point for compliments, ensuring that you'll be showered with praise wherever you go. It's not just wearable art; it's a tribute to the intersection of gaming, creativity, and fabulousness!

🏹Disclaimer: Equipping this necklace may not grant archery skills or the ability to override machines, but it will certainly make you the hero of your own style saga.
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