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Haunter Perler Necklace

Haunter Perler Necklace

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Haunter is a gas/poison type pokémon. Weighing at 0.2lbs he is the lightest pokémon in existence. Haunter hides in very dark places, such as caves, and is afraid of light. If a human or a Pokémon comes near Haunter, it will stalk the victim while floating and beckon it to come closer. Once approached it will then lick the victim with its poisonous tongue, inflicting convulsions in the victim that last until death.

Necklace Length: 20"

- Style Options: Perler or Perler Necklace

- Every necklace I make is made of very durable materials. Will not lose shape or sag over time.

- All fused beads are Perler brand and non-toxic.

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