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Leaky Pixels

Lost Lands Perler Necklace

Lost Lands Perler Necklace

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🔉🦖🔉Lost Lands Perler Necklace🔉🦖🔉

Perler Length: 7"
Perler Width: 10"
Perler Necklace Length: 20"

🔉🦖🔉Are you ready to journey into a world where the beats are as heavy as your festival backpack and the bass shakes your soul harder than a toddler on a sugar rush? Look no further, because this necklace is your VIP pass to headbang heaven!

🔉🦖🔉Crafted with the precision of a DJ dropping the illest track, this Lost Lands Perler Necklace is a masterpiece that pays homage to the King of Dubstep. Whether you're a seasoned raver or a newbie about to be baptized in bass, this necklace will make you the glowing beacon to all fellow festival-goers.

🔉🦖🔉Wear it proudly as you navigate the dinosaur stomping grounds of the Lost Lands festival, where headbanging isn't just a dance move – it's a way of life. With each bead meticulously fused, this necklace is as durable as your dedication to the drop. Rain or shine, front rail or 30+ grass area, your Lost Lands dino perler will stay by your side, ensuring you're always in tune with the rhythm of the low frequency bass notes.

Whether you're "bass-ically" in love with dubstep or just want a conversation starter that screams, "I'm here to party and appreciate art," this necklace has you covered. So, go ahead, embrace the wubs, let the bass cannon roar, and let your neck rock out in style with this iconic piece of festival flair. Get ready to rave, because this necklace is about to chomp as heavy as the bass at Lost Lands! 💥🔊
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