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Leaky Pixels

Mega Alakazam Perler Necklace

Mega Alakazam Perler Necklace

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Mega Alakazam Perler Necklace By Leaky Pixels

Mega Alakazam is a powerful variant of the Pokémon Alakazam, introduced in the Pokémon series with the concept of Mega Evolution. When Alakazam holds the Mega Stone specific to it (Alakazite) during battle, it can undergo Mega Evolution to become Mega Alakazam. Evolves from Abra and Kadabra Pokémon.

Perler Width: 9.5"
Perler Length: 9"

- 4 different necklace lengths to choose from: 22"/24"/26"/28"
- Sold as a perler necklace or perler.
- Will not stretch or sag over time.
- Extra durable for dancing use
- Easy to use clasp.
- 5 star quality

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