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Pikachu Raichu Pichu Pokémon Perler Bracelets

Pikachu Raichu Pichu Pokémon Perler Bracelets

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⚡Pikachu Raichu and Pichu Pokémon Perler Bracelets⚡

Perler size: 1.25"-2"
Wrist Length: 7"

⚡Unleash your inner Electric-type trainer with this shockingly cute quartet of Pokémon Perler bracelets!

⚡ Classic Pikachu: The OG electrifier, the one and only Pikachu is here to remind us why it's the face of the franchise! This charismatic critter is a timeless icon that'll make you want to catch 'em all over again.

⚡ Hat Trick Pikachu: This Pikachu might have a hat, but don't worry, its electrifying charm is still on full display! It's ready to strut its stuff with style and zap anyone who dares to challenge its fashion sense.

⚡ Raichu: Raichu is here to prove that evolving just means more fabulousness to go around. With a grin that's brighter than a thunderbolt, this jolly jolt of joy is bound to bring smiles to all who see it.

⚡Pichu: Don't let its small size fool you – Pichu's got the spunk and spark of a true Pokémon superstar! This little adventurer is ready to shock and roll its way into your heart.

⚡Get ready to amp up your style game and make a statement that's as vibrant as a Thunderbolt attack. These bracelets are more electrifying than a Pikachu's Tail Whip dance move! Whether you're a seasoned Pokémon Master or just a fan of cuteness overload, these Perler bracelets are a must-have for your collection.

**Note:** While these Pokémon won't actually shoot lightning bolts, they'll surely light up your fashion sense!
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